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A Local Champion for Gordon

It is an honour and a privilege to represent Gordon. I am extremely grateful to all those constituents who have supported me and am proud to be the MP for Gordon. I look forward to representing you once again and will continue to work as hard as ever in Parliament and the constituency on your behalf. Please enjoy browsing the website where you can find details of news stories, photos, speeches, links as well as details of my work in Parliament and how to visit. There is also information about the constituency together with local petitions, events and campaigns. On my regular website column you can read my views on some of the latest issues that are affecting people in Gordon today. Please feel free to contact me with any comments you may have or if there are any issues you would like me to take up at info@malcolmbruce.org.uk

Malcolm Bruce

Malcolm Bruce MP

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Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce MP

Nick Clegg MP says:

Nick Clegg

"I want to know what Malcolm's diet is because he clearly eats or drinks something that keeps him forever young. He is one of the most energetic MPs in the House of Commons today much as he was when he entered the Commons 25 years ago. It is amazing to see him run circles around MPs half his age in his tireless dedication to his constituents. He really is an institution in his own right in his own constituency but also in Westminster, as a chairman of a very important select committee. He is widely respected across party boundaries. I wonder whether his constituents realise how lucky they are to have someone who is not just a good constituency MP but someone who is really respected in Westminster. Westminster is a rough and rowdy place. There are not that many MPs - and Malcolm can count himself amongst them - who are listened to respectfully by all parties."

- The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister speaking about Malcolm

Recent updates

  • Article: Dec 3, 2014

    Commenting on today's Autumn Statement, Sir Malcolm Bruce, MP for Gordon, said:

    "This Autumn Statement has not only set out a clear plan for securing a sustained economic recovery, but also contains good news for Scottish workers and businesses. Helping low and middle income earners has been a priority for the Liberal Democrats in government, so I am delighted that the income tax personal allowance will increase again next year. This means Scottish workers will now pay £820 a year less in income tax than they did in 2010.

  • Article: Dec 2, 2014

    The Smith Commission

    The Smith Commission, set up to produce recommendations for further devolution reflecting the result of the referendum, has published its interim conclusions.

    I very much welcome the announcement of significant new powers for Scotland. With the Scottish Parliament now set to raise the majority of the money it spends and gain significant welfare powers, this package finally delivers home rule for Scotland and will give Holyrood the financial muscle that it needs.

  • Article: Nov 27, 2014

    Following this morning's announcement by the Smith Commission on devolution of further powers to the Scottish Parliament, Sir Malcolm Bruce, MP for Gordon, said:

    "I very much welcome today's announcement of significant new powers for Scotland. With the Scottish Parliament now set to raise the majority of the money it spends and gain significant welfare powers, this package finally delivers home rule for Scotland and will give Holyrood the financial muscle that it needs.

  • Article: Nov 18, 2014

    Tackling Ebola must leave a legacy of stronger health systems

    Having visited Sierra Leone and Liberia in June when Ebola was causing concern but had not become a crisis I have nothing but sympathy for the communities being torn apart by the epidemic and nothing but admiration for the health workers from the region and across the globe who are dedicating themselves to tackling this dreadful, contagious disease.

  • Article: Oct 16, 2014

    Sir Malcolm Bruce, MP for Gordon, has today pledged his support for protecting the World's poorest people from the effects of climate change.

    Attending a parliamentary meeting hosted by Christian Aid, Sir Malcolm spoke with Voltaire Alferez and Elizabeth Peredo who are both climate change campaigners in their native countires of the Philippines and Bolivia. He also praised the charity's work in helping people in regions damaged by natural disasters.

  • Article: Sep 22, 2014

    Aberdeenshire voted overwhelmingly against independence and I was among those who breathed an immense sigh of relief both at the outcome and that this drawn out "neverendum" was at last over.

    Over the last few months I and my team along with Better Together knocked on thousands of doors across the area. There was, throughout, always a clear majority opposed to independence, which made me suspicious of some of the opinion polls in the latter part of the campaign.

  • Article: Sep 12, 2014

    Sir Malcolm Bruce, MP for Gordon, has warned that a vote for an independent Scotland would have an immediate disruptive impact on the UK's aid programme.

    Speaking in Parliament in support of plans to guarantee 0.7% of UK GDP spending on international aid, Sir Malcolm cautioned that setting up a new aid agency in an independent Scotland would take years and weaken the UK's existing programmes.

  • Article: Sep 10, 2014

    The intervention of BP into the Scottish Referendum debate has left the Scottish Government's oil claims in disarray according to Gordon MP, Sir Malcolm Bruce.

    In a statement issued today, BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley said that the future prospects for North Sea oil would be best served by a "No" vote in next week's referendum.

  • Article: Sep 3, 2014

    On the 18th of September the people of Scotland will vote in the referendum on independence, the result of which will decide whether Scotland remains a part of the United Kingdom or becomes an independent country. As part of the run up to the referendum, Malcolm has contributed an article to Endeavour Public Affairs which is originally published here and is also found below:

  • Article: Aug 23, 2014

    32nd - and last - summer tour of Gordon

    I am writing this part way through my 32nd and last summer tour of the Gordon constituency. Of course, I travel all around the constituency throughout the year but I started the idea of touring the whole constituency the summer after I was elected in 1983 and have done it ever since.

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The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Bruce MP

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